Call All Networks In Nigeria With Your Personal Phone At N15 Per 60secs

Call Me Immediately For The Return Of Your Money With Interest For Wasting Your Precious Time If You Are Not Able To Reduce The Amount You Spend On Phone Call Daily By 50% By Acting On This Report!!!

Just Get The Line And Start Calling Immediately, No More No Less.”

Dear friend,

I know you are reading this news letter because you are in search of secret on how you can reduce your cost on phone call which have been terrorising your income and profitability because you can not do without making the call.

Congratulations, you are in right place at the right time, the solution to the problem of high cost of communication is right here…

 Why do you think I’m congratulating you?
The reason is not far fetch. Since 2005, I have been into telecommunication business, immediately after finishing my university education. I had tried a lot of lines promising different benefits to maximise profit before I came across this product which gave me an opportunity to make call for my customers at N15 per minute which made me monopolised the market. I make a lot of money from this line because I paid no rental fees.

To my surprise, I was chatting with my friends one day, when they alerted me that they spend noting less than N500 on calling per day with common prepaid line which charge as low as 42K per second within their network and 70k per second outside their network.

It was then I introduced them to this line I have been promising you since. They all came back thanking me for introducing them to the line because it has helped them in reducing their communication expenses more than 50 percent.

So, I put on my thinking cap, “well, whao…if this line can perform so much, it should be available to everybody that use up to N150 in calling per day because good things are not meant for only one person. Therefore, I have compiled this information into an e-book at a subsidised rate for everybody that wants to reduce the communication cost without reducing the communication.

I know you will be anxious to know the price of the e-book. But before we talk about it let me show you what you the benefits to derive from laying your hand on this material.

Let assume that currently you are spending N500 daily on calling, using your MTN extra connect or GLO classic plus. By getting this e-book, you will learn the secret which will save you N250 or more daily. This will amount to N7500 save in your pocket for the month, which is N90000 save a year. I can see you are now calculating what you can buy with the N90000 you are able to save. Imaging using more than N500 calling daily, how much will this e-book put into your pocket? I will leave you with the calculation.

Therefore, if you are in my shoe, how much will you charge for this product that promise so much. Do you say about N25000? Even though, it worth more than that considering how much you are going to save in a year, but I’m not charging up to that so that the material will be accessible and affordable to all and sundry. Anyway the actual price is N7000, but I will give it as a sort of gift for my birthday and to mark my entry into the market. You can now rush to the nearest GTBank branch and pay just N1000 into account given below and you will receive your material in your email within 24hours. Yes, you saw that right, N1000, it was not an error. But the offer price is only for this week, by next week it will bounce back to its normal price.

Order Now
Pay N1000 into any branch of GTBank plc
Account Name: Hakeem A. banwo
Account Number: 903/441694/7/110

You can also pay $7 into our LIBERTY RESERVE account:
Account Name: Hakeem A. banwo
Account Number: U4651204

After payment make sure you send your first name, phone number, email, date of payment, teller number, bank branch and amount to this number 08035566712.

Thank for coming to this website. I will be expecting your text message.
Prime Hakeem Banwo

PS: Remember that the offer price will increase to N7000 by next week, so act now.
PSS: I will definitely return your money with interest for wasting your precious time if you are not able to reduce the amount you spend on phone call daily by 50% by acting on this report.
PSSS: Are you still reading, pls rush to the nearest GTBank to claim your copy.

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